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Digital Curation and Trusted Repositories

For official Workshop Website, Digital Curation and Trusted Repositories: Seeking Success, see http://sils.unc.edu/events/2006jcdl/digitalcuration/

Please see the agenda for the workshop.

Schedule Confirmation: The conference schedule lists the workshop time as 9 am - 4 pm. We will be meeting, in line with our original agenda, from 8:30 am - 5 pm.

Location: UPDATE - Our workshop will take place in the Pleasants Family Assembly Room at Wilson Library. The former location was the House Undergraduate Library, Room 205. Wilson Library is the next building to the east of the House UG Library.

Registration: If you are registered for the Thursday Digital Curation and Institutional Repositories, Seeking Success workshop but did not attend/register for other JCDL 2006 events (conference/tutorials), then you will need to register on the morning of the workshop (Thursday, June 15, 2006). The good news — the registration table will move from its current location, the Medical Biomolecular Research Building to the workshop location, the House Undergraduate Library, the morning of the Workshop. Registration tables will open at 8 am, with our Workshop scheduled to begin, in room 205, at 8:30 am. Please contact hcarolyn@email.unc.edu with any questions.

Presentations in order of occurrence with presenters’ names in bold:

Cliff Lynch, Overview of the State of Institutional Repositories

Karen Markey, Beth St. Jean, Soo Young Rieh, Elizabeth Yakel, Jihum Kim, & Yong-Mi Kim, “Update on the MIRACLE Project Census on Institutional Repositories”

Kenneth Thibodeau, “What Constitutes Success in a Digital Repository?”

Miles Efron, “Metadata Use in OAI-Compliant Institutional Repositories”

David Gewirtz, “The Information Network Overlay: An Architecture for Contextual Metadata Needed for the Curation Process and Repositories that Support Digital Scholarship”

Jihyun Kim, “Faculty Contributions to IRs”

Robert Chavez, Gregory Crane, & Anne Sauer, “Services Make the Repository”

Jonathan Crabtree & Darrell Donakowski, “Building Relationships: ‘A Foundation for Digital Archives’”

William Lefurgy & Martha Anderson, “The Archive Ingest and Handling Test: Implications of Diverse Content and Diverse Repository Practices”

Robin Dale, “The RLG/NARA Audit Checklist for Certifying Digital Repositories”

Bruce Ambacher, “Government Archives and Certification”

Susanne Dobratz, Dr. Astrid Schoger, & Stefan Strathmann, “The nestor Catalogue of Criteria for Trusted Digital Repository Evaluation and Certification”

Reagan Moore & MacKenzie Smith, “Assessment of RLG Trusted Digital Repository Requirements”

Seamus Ross & Andrew McHugh, “The Role of Evidence in Establishing Trust in Repositories”

Authors reserve all rights to their works, allowing us to post here in support of this workshop.