Workshops will be held Saturday, May 31 from 9-5. Unless otherwise noted, workshops are open. Just register for the workshop and contact the organizer(s) responsible for the one you want.

Workshop 1
Cross-Cultural Usability for Digital Libraries

Nadia Caidi
Faculty of Information Studies
University of Toronto
Toronto, ON M5S 3G6, Canada

Anita Komlodi
Department of Information Systems
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Baltimore, MD 21250

Workshop web page:

Workshop 2
International Workshop on Information Visualization Interfaces for Retrieval and Analysis (IVIRA)

Katy Börner, Indiana University, Bloomington

Javed Mostafa, Indiana University, Bloomington

Workshop web page:
Email contact: (Javed Mostafa)

You are invited to submit a position paper by May 5th, 2003. All submitted papers will be peer-reviewed. No late submissions will be accepted. IVIRA will accept electronic submissions in PDF format only. Papers should be no
longer than 2-6 pages and conform to the format specified in the template (see ). Please submit your paper as an attachment to:

Workshop 3
Building a Meaningful Web: From Traditional Knowledge Organization Systems to New Semantic Tools
The 6th Networked Knowledge Organization Systems (NKOS) Workshop

Gail M. Hodge
Information International
Associates, Inc.

Marcia Lei Zeng
Kent State Univ.

Dagobert Soergel
Univ. of Maryland

Workshop web page:

Workshop 4
OAI Metadata Harvesting Workshop

Simeon Warner
Computing and Information Science

Cornell University
301 College Ave
Ithaca, NY 14850-4623, USA

Workshop web page:

Participation is open to those who have OAI harvesting experience. Participants will be expected describe their OAI harvesting experience in a brief (1 or 2 paragraph) position statement, and to propose a topic or topics for discussion. Selected participants will be invited to present a short paper to describe and seed discussion on a topic they proposed.

Participants must register though the JCDL registration system. Both the position statement and any suggested topic or topics for discussion should be submitted to at the time of registration. There will be a limit of 30 participants to ensure that focused discussion is possible.

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