Vannevar Bush Award nominees

A System for Building Expandable Digital Libraries
Authors: Donatella Castelli and Pasquale Pagano

An Ethnographic Study of Music Information Seeking:
Implications for the Design of a Music Digital Library

Authors: Sally Jo Cunningham and Nina Reeves

Automatic Document Metadata Extraction using Support Vector

Authors: Hui Han, C. Lee Giles, Eren Manavoglu, Hongyuan Zha,
Zhenyue Zhang, and Edward A. Fox

Repository Synchronization in the OAI Framework
Authors: Xiaoming Liu, Kurt Maly, Mohammad Zubair, Michael Nelson

Understanding Educator Perceptions of "Quality" in Digital

Authors: Tamara Sumner, Michael Khoo, Mimi Recker, and Mary Marlino

Bibliographic Attribute Extraction from Erroneous References
Based on a Statistical Model

Authors: Atsuhiro Takasu

How fast is too fast? Evaluating fast forward surrogates for
digital video
Authors: Barbara M. Wildemuth, Gary Marchionini, Meng
Yang, Gary Geisler, Todd Wilkens, Anthony Hughes, and Richard Gruss

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