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Interactive Visualization of Video Meta-Data
Howard D. Wactlar, Mark Derthick (Carnegie Mellon University)

A System for Adding Content-Based Searching to a Traditional Music Library Catalogue Server
Matthew J. Dovey (Kings College, London)

Content Management for Multi-Presentation Digital Museum Exhibitions
Jen-Shin Hong, Bai-Hsuen Chen, Jieh Hsiang, Tien-Yu Shu (National ChiNan University)

Hierarchical Document Clustering of Digital Library Retrieval Results
Christopher R. Palmer, Jerome Pesenti, Raul E. Valdes-Perez, Michael G. Christel, Alex G. Hauptmann, Dorbin Ng, and Howard D. Wactlar (Carnegie Mellon University)

Indiana University Digital Music Library Project
Jon W. Dunn and Eric J. Isaacson (Indiana University, Bloomington)

PERSIVAL: Categorizing Hidden-Web Resources
Panagiotis G. Ipeirotis, Luis Gravano, Mehran Sahami (Columbia University)

PERSIVAL; Personalized Search and Summarization over Multimedia HealthCare Information
Noemie Elhadad, Min-Yen Kan, Simon Lok and Sm aranda Muresan (Columbia University)

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Edward N. Zalta, Uri Nodelman (Stanford University), Colin Allen (Texas A&M University)

Using the Repository Explorer to Achieve OAI Protocol Compliance
Hussein Suleman (Virginia Tech)
PERSIVAL: View Segmentation and Static/Dynamic Summary Generation for Echocardiogram Videos
Shahram Ebadollahi, and Shih-Fu Chang (Columbia University)


An Atmospheric Visualization Collection for the NSDL
Keith Andrew (Eastern Illinois University), Christopher Klaus (Argonne National Laboratory), Gerald Mace (University of Utah)

Building the Physical Sciences Information Infrastructure: A Phased Approach
Judy C. Gilmore, Valerie S. Allen (U.S. Department of Energy)

A National Digital Library for Undergraduate Mathematics and Science Teacher Preparation and Professional Development
Kimberly S. Roempler (Eisenhower National Clearinghouse, The Ohio State University)

A versatile facsimile and transcription service for manuscripts and rare old books at the Miguel de Cervantes Digital Library
Alejandro Bia (University of Alicante, Spain)

Breaking the Metadata Generation Bottleneck: Preliminary Findings
Elizabeth D. Liddy, Eileen Allen, Michelle Monsour, Jennifer Liddy (Syracuse University), Stuart Sutton, Anne Turner (University of Washington), Woojin Paik, Sarah Harwell (

Development of an Earth Environmental Digital Library System for Soil and Land-Atmospheric Data
Eiji Ikoma, Taikan Oki, Masaru Kitsuregawa (Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo)

Digital Facsimile Editions and On-Line Editing
Harry Plantinga (Computer Science, Calvin College)

DSpace at MIT: Meeting the Challenges
Michael Bass (Hewlett-Packard), Margret Branschofsky (Faculty Liaison, MIT)

Exploiting Image Semantics for Picture Libraries
Kobus Barbard, David Forsyth (University of California at Berkeley)

Feature Extraction for Content-Based Image Retrieval in DARWIN: Digital Analysis and Recognition of Whale Images on a Network
Kelly R. Debure, Adam S. Russell (Eckerd College)

Guided Linking: Efficiently Making Image-to-Transcript Correspondence
Cheng Jiun Yuan, W. Brent Seales (University of Kentucky)

Integrating Distributed Digital Libraries by using CORBA, XML and Servlet
Wing Hang Cheung, Michael R. Lyu, Kam Wing Ng (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

A National Digital Library for Undergraduate Mathematics and Science Teacher Preparation and Professional Development
Kimberly S. Roempler (Eisenhower National Clearinghouse, The Ohio State University)

Print to Electronic: Measuring the Operational and Economic Implications of an Electronic Journal Collection
Carol Montgomery, Linda Marion (Hagerty Library, Drexel University)

A Versatile Facsimile and Transcription Service for Manuscripts and Rare Old Books at the Miguel de Cervantes Digital Library
Alejandro Bria (Miguel de Cervantes Digital Library, University of Alicante, Spain)

The Virtual Naval Hospital: The Digital Library as Knowledge Management Tool for Nomadic Patrons
Michael P. D'Alessandro MD, Donna M. D'Alessandro MD, Mary J.C. Hendrix PhD (University of Iowa, Iowa City), CAPT Richard S. Bakalar MC USN (Naval Medical Information Management Center), LT Denis E. Ashley MC USNR (United States Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery)

Using Markov Models and Innovation Diffusion as a Tool for Predicting Digital Library Access and Distribution Rates
Bruce R. Barkstrom (NASA Langley Research Center)

Turbo Recognition: Decoding Page Layout
Taku A. Tokuyasu (University of California at Berkeley)