JCDL steering Committee

The objective of the ACM/IEEE JCDL is to promote research and development in the area of Digital Libraries. The conference goal is to meet the needs of a large and diverse constituency, which includes practitioners, researchers, educators, and policy makers. The focus of the conference is to provide a forum where various aspects of digital libraries are addressed, different communities are represented, and to offer the opportunity for all to learn from one another and apply that knowledge to an integrated program of research, development, construction and utilization in digital libraries.

The conference is managed by a Steering Committee, a Conference committee and a Program committee. The details of The Steering Committee Charter and Membership History can be found here.

Steering Committee Members (2020)

J. Stephen Downie University of Illinois, USA (2022)
Sponsor organization representatives
Edie Rasmussen University of British Columbia, Canada, SIGIR Representative (2020)
Liaison on TPDL Steering Committee
Cathy Marshall Texas A&M University, SIGWEB Representative (2020)
Sally Jo Cunningham Waikato University, New Zealand (2020)
Related conference representatives
Atsuyuki Morishima University of Tsukuba, Japan, ICADL representative (2022)
Trond Aalberg Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway, TPDL representative (2020)
At-large members
Suzie Allard University of Tennessee, USA (2020)
Lillian (Boots) Cassel Villanova University, USA (2022)
Milena Dobreva UCL Qatar, Qatar (2020)
J. Stephen Downie University of Illinois, USA (2022)
Ed Fox Virginia Tech, USA (2020)
Richard Furuta Texas A&M University, USA (2020)
Daqing He University of Pittsburgh, USA (2022)
Robert McDonald University of Colorado Boulder, USA (2022)
Ian Milligan University of Waterloo, Canada (2020)
Michael Nelson Old Dominion University, USA (2020)
Michele Weigle Old Dominion University, USA (2022)
Dan Wu Wuhan University, China (2020)

Minutes of Committee Meetings

Past Years' Committee Rosters