Vannevar Bush Best Paper Award

The Vannevar Bush Best Paper Award is given to the best paper that is presented at the JCDL (and earlier ACM DL) since 1998. All full papers that are accepted for presentation are eligible and the JCDL Steering Committee selects the winner.

Year Authors Title
2023 Christof Bless, Ildar Baimuratov, and Oliver Karras SciKGTeX - A LaTeX Package to Semantically Annotate Contributions in Scientific Publications
2022 Martin Klein, Lyudmila Balakireva, Karolina Holub, Draženko Celjak, and Ingeborg Rudomino Investigating Bloom Filters for Web Archives’ Holdings
2021 Mari Sato, Adam Jatowt, Yijun Duan, Ricardo Campos, and Masatoshi Yoshikawa Estimating Contemporary Relevance of Past News
2020 Yusuke Yamamoto and Takehiro Yamamoto Personalization Finder: A Search Interface for Identifying and Self-controlling Web Search Personalization
2019 Drahomira Herrmannova, Nancy Pontika, and Petr Knoth Do Authors Deposit on Time? Tracking Open Access Policy Compliance
2018* Myriam C. Traub, Thaer Samar, Jacco van Ossenbruggen, and Lynda Hardman Impact of Crowdsourcing OCR Improvements on Retrievability Bias
2018* Federico Nanni, Simone Paolo Ponzetto, and Laura Dietz Entity-Aspect Linking: Providing Fine-Grained Semantics of Entities in Context
2017 Nicholas Cole, Alfie Abdul-Rahman, and Grace Mallon Quill: A Framework for Constructing Negotiated Texts - with a Case Study on the US Constitutional Convention of 1787
2016 Martin Klein, Peter Broadwell, Sharon Farb, and Todd Grappone Comparing Published Scientific Journal Articles to Their Pre-print Versions
2015 Pertti Vakkari and Janna Pöntinen Result List Actions in Fiction Search
2014 Chuck Cartledge and Michael Nelson When Should I Make Preservation Copies of Myself?
2013 Kazunari Sugiyama and Min-Yen Kan Exploiting Potential Citation Papers in Scholarly Paper Recommendation
2012 Hongbo Deng, Jiawei Han, Michael R. Lyu, and Irwin King Modeling and exploiting heterogeneous bibliographic networks for expertise ranking
2011 Robert Sanderson, Benjamin Albritton, Rafael Schwemmer and Herbert Van De Sompel SharedCanvas: A collaborative model for medieval manuscript layout dissemination
2010 David Bamman, Alison Babeu, and Gregory Crane Transferring structural markup across translations using multilingual alignment and Projection
2009 Steven Bethard, Philipp Wetzler, Kirste Butcher, James H. Martin, and Tamara Sumner Automatically characterizing resource quality for educational digital libraries
2008 Catherine C. Marshall From writing and analysis to the repository: taking the scholars' perspective on scholarly archiving
2007 Shane Ahern, Mor Naaman, Rahul Nair, and Jeannie Yang World explorer: visualizing aggregate data from unstructured text in geo-referenced collections
2006 Carl Lagoze, Tim cornwell, Naomi Dushay, Dean Ecktrom, Dean Krafft, and John Saylor Metadata aggregation and "automated digital libraries:" a retrospective on the NSDL experience
2005 Gordon W. Paynter Developing practical automatic metadata assignment and evaluation tools for internet resources
2004 Mor Naaman, Yee Jiun Song, Andreas Paepcke, and Hector Garcia-Molina Automatic organization for digital photographs with geographic coordinates
2003 Barbara M. Wildemuth, Gary Marchionini, Meng Yang, Gary Geisler, Todd Wilkens, Anthony Hughes, and Richard Gruss How fast is too fast? Evaluating fast forward surrogates for digital video
2002 Donna Bergmark Collection systhesis.
2001 Gregory Crane, Clifford E. Wulfman, and David A. Smith Building a hypertextual digital library in the humanities: a case study on London
2000 Joanna L. Wolfe Effects of annotations on student readers and writers
1999 David Bainbridge, Craig G. Nevill-Manning, Ian H. Witten, Lloyd A. Smith, and Rodger J. McNab Towards a digital library of popular music
1998 Catherine C. Marshall Making metadata: a study of metadata creation for a mixed physical-digital collection

Best Student Paper Award

This award is given to the best paper presented at JCDL having a student as the first author. All full papers with a student as the first author that are accepted for presentation are eligible.

Year Authors Title
2023 Lesley Frew, Michael Nelson, and Michele Weigle Making Changes in Webpages Discoverable: A Change-Text Search Interface for Web Archives
2022* Arthur Brack, Anett Hoppe, Pascal Buschermöhle, and Ralph Ewerth Cross-domain multi-task learning for sequential sentence classification in research papers
2022* Sandeep Kumar, Hardik Arora, Tirthankar Ghosal, and Asif Ekbal DeepASPeer: Towards an Aspect-level Sentiment Controllable Framework for Decision Prediction in Peer Reviews
2021 Joel Pepper, Jane Greenberg, Yasin Bakiş, Xiaojun Wang, Henry Bart Jr., and David Breen Automatic Metadata Generation for Fish Specimen Image Collections
2020 Krutarth Patel, Cornelia Caragea, Mark E. Phillips, and Nathaniel T. Fox Identifying Documents In-Scope of a Collection from Web Archives
2019 Dattatreya Mohapatra, Abhishek Maiti, Sumit Bhatia, and Tanmoy Chakraborty Go Wide, Go Deep: Quantifying the Impact of Scientific Papers Through Influence Dispersion Trees
2018 Myriam C. Traub, Thaer Samar, Jacco van Ossenbruggen, and Lynda Hardman Impact of Crowdsourcing OCR Improvements on Retrievability Bias
2017 Felix Hamborg, Norman Meuschke, and Bela Gipp Matrix-based News Aggregation: Exploring Different News Perspectives
2016 Long Le, Chirag Shah, and Erik Choi Evaluating the Quality of Educational Answers in Community Question-Answering
2015 Lulwah M. Alkwai, Michael L. Nelson, and Michele C. Weigle How Well Are Arabic Websites Archived?
2014 Daniel Hasan Dalip, Harlley Lima, Marcos Gonçalves, Marco Cristo and Pável Calado Quality Assessment of Collaborative Content With Minimal Information
2014 Justin F. Brunelle, Mat Kelly, Hany Salaheldeen, Michele C. Weigle and Michael L. Nelson Not All Mementos Are Created Equal: Measuring The Impact Of Missing Resources
2013 Suppawong Tuarob, Line C. Pouchard, and C. Lee Giles Automatic tag recommendation for metadata annotation using probabilistic topic modeling
2012 Jürgen Bernard, Tobias Ruppert, Maximilian Scherer, Jörn Kohlhammer, Tobias Schreck Content-based layouts for exploratory metadata search in scientific research data
2011 Myriam Ben Saad and Stéphane Gançarski Archiving the web using page changes pattern: a case study
2010 Xiao Hu and J. Stephen Downie Improving mood classification in music digital libraries by combining lyrics and audio
2009 William B. Lund and Eric K. Ringger Improving optical character recognition through efficient multiple system alignment
2008 Yi Huang and Michael S. Brown User-assisted ink-bleed correction for handwritten documents
2007 Bageshree Shevade, Hari Sundaram, and Lexing Xie Modeling personal and social network context for event annotation in images
2006* YuanYuan Yu, Jeannie A. Stamberger, Aswath Manoharan, and Andreas Paepcke EcoPod: a mobile tool for community based biodiversity collection building
2005* Jack Kustanowitz and Ben Shneiderman Meaningful presentations of photo libraries: rationale and applications of bi-level radial quantum layouts
2004* Marcos André Gonçalves, Edward A. Fox, Aaron Krowne, Pável Calado, Alberto H. F. Laender, Altigran S. da Silva, and Berthier Ribeiro-Neto The effectiveness of automatically structured queries in digital libraries
* Sponsored by IEEE-CS Technical Committee on Digital Libraries

Best Short Paper Award

This award is given to the best short paper presented at JCDL.

Year Authors Title
2023 Muntabir Hasan Choudhury, Lamia Salsabil, Himarsha R. Jayanetti, Jian Wu, William A. Ingram, and Edward A. Fox MetaEnhance: Metadata Quality Improvement for Electronic Theses and Dissertations of University Libraries.

Best International Paper Award

This award is given to the best paper that is presented at JCDL, having first author from outside the United States. All full papers that are accepted for presentation are eligible.

Year Authors Title
2005** Anne Adams, Ann Blandford Digital libraries' support for the user's 'information journey'.
2004** Yi-Chun Chu, David Bainbridge, Matt Jones, and Ian H. Witten Realistic books: A bizarre homage to an obsolete medium?
** Sponsored by University of Arizona

Best Poster Award

The Best Poster Award is given to the best poster that is presented at the JCDL conference. All posters presented are eligible and JCDL attendees vote to select the winner for the Best Poster Award.

Year Authors Title
2023 Lyudmila Balakireva, Emily Escamilla, Talya Cooper, Michael L. Nelson, and Michele C. Weigle The Memento Tracer Toolset for Human-Guided Focused Crawling of Dynamic Web
2021 Bhanuka Mahanama, Gavindya Jayawardena, and Sampath Jayarathna Analyzing Unconstrained Reading Patterns of Digital Documents Using Eye Tracking
2020 Gavindya Jayawardena, Sampath Jayarathna, and Jian Wu Analyzing the Effect of Reading Patterns using Eye Tracking Measures
2019 Johannes Kiesel, Fabienne Hubricht, Benno Stein, and Martin Potthast A Dataset for Content Error Detection in Web Archives
2018 Mohamed Aturban, Mat Kelly, Sawood Alam, John A. Berlin, Michael L. Nelson, and Michele C. Weigle ArchiveNow: Simplified, Extensible, Multi-Archive Preservation
2017 Mat Kelly, Lulwah M. Alkwai, Sawood Alam, Herbert Van de Sompel, Michael L. Nelson, and Michele C. Weigle Impact of URI Canonicalization on Memento Count
2016 Drahomira Herrmannova and Petr Knoth Semantometrics: Towards fulltext-based research evaluation
2015 Ahmed Alsum Reconstruction of the US First Website
2015 Wesley Jordan, Mat Kelly, Justin F. Brunelle, Laura Vobrak, Michele C. Weigle, and Michael L. Nelson Mobile Mink: Merging Mobile and Desktop Archived Webs
2013 Zhuoren Jiang and Xiaozhong Liu Recovering missing citations in a scholarly network: a 2-step citation analysis to estimate publication importance
2012 Robert Sanderson Global web archive integration with memento
2011 Sally Jo Cunningham How Children Find Books for Leisure Reading: Implications for the Digital Library
2009 Quinn Stewart and David Todd Using University Collections in Digital Library Education
2006 Marko A. Rodriguez, Johan Bollen, Herbert Van de Sompel An analysis of the bid behavior of the 2005 JCDL program committee
2005** J. Stephen Downie, Andreas F. Ehmann, Xiao Hu Music-to-knowledge (M2K): a prototyping and evaluation environment for music digital library research
2004** Xiaoming Liu, Johan Bollen, Michael L. Nelson, Herbert Van de Sompel, Jeremy Hussell, Rick Luce, Linn Marks Toolkits for Visualizing Co-Authorship Graphs
** Sponsored by University of Arizona

Best Demonstration Award

The Best Demonstration Award is given to the best demonstration that is presented at the JCDL conference. All demonstration presented are eligible.

Year Authors Title
2012 Paul Albert, Kristi Holmes, Katy Borner, and Mike Conlon Research Discovery through Linked Open Data