Instructions for Presenters

These instructions are for presenters of both full and short papers during the JCDL 2015 Main Conference.

Speakers are asked to arrive at their session 10 minutes prior so the session chair can confirm who is speaking for the paper and that they are present. Additionally during this time please verify that your slides work.

The sessions rooms will have a projector, a podium, and a microphone. If there are any technical issues, please inform the chair or the student volunteer assigned to the room. Please be aware of how colors and text appear when presented in a large lit room.

While Session Chairs may opt to connect a personal laptop, there is no guarantee that one is present. We do recommend keeping machine switching during the session to a minimum. Additionally as conference facilities are known for oversubscribed wireless, we would recommend not relying solely on a cloud storage service or web hosting for your slides. We do recommend that participants bring a copy on a USB flash drive in addition to a cloud or laptop copy in case of unforeseen technical issues.

We recommend presentations be in Adobe PDF format unless another format is necessary. This is to ensure that the slides look the same during the presentation as they do on the machine you authored them on. However, we will do the best to accommodate you. If you have worries about a particular format, you can either email the conference committee ( or bring a machine you know the slides work on.

Full paper presenters are given a 30 minute time for presentation and questions. We would recommend a 25 minute presentation and a 5 minute question/answer session. Short papers have 15 minutes for presentation and questions. We recommend 12 minutes for presentation and 3 minutes for questions. Session chairs will notify you of time through your period and will be prompt about cutting people off who may run over.

During the question portion, we recommend that the next presenter get their presentation ready to ensure a smooth transition.